Sell Games Sell Tiles “Take your designs to the next level” “Take your talents to the marketplace” Your ideas are now possible with Build a Game, so its time to bring them to life. Make that game you’ve been thinking about and sell it in the Market Center!  It’s your time, your ideas, and your opportunity!  Ready to make a big hit, then grab up Build a Game and get start making it!    Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes following classic styles to pop culture. Your unique expressions and view of the world set the stage for designers and storytellers to give a voice to exciting worlds and ideas.    Use your talents and energy to develop creative and exciting characters, environments, props and effects that everyone wants to have!  Grab up Tile Builder today and get your tiles rolling! Sell Share Games Share Tiles “Bring your friends along for the ride” “Let your expression be open for everyone” Time to show your friends what games are all about. Share your adventures and see if they have what it takes!   Whether for fun or learning, for 1 friend or 100, share your ideas and get others playing what you’ve made. So, start posting and liking the great games you find in the Market Center.   Get started making the next hit game and let your friends be a part of the fun!  Turn your art into tiles and let the community enjoy playing with them.  Creating and sharing characters, environments, props and sound effects is a great way to make your presence known in the Build a Game Universe.  Follow your tiles with the Tiles Used list and find out where and how all your tiles are being used. The more they are used the higher your ranking!  Start your tile lineup now in the Marketplace and see what your friends and the community will create! Share Play Games Support Creators “Experience the next generation of gaming” “Enjoy being a part of our game community” Play your games where you want and on what you want through the Build a Game Universe.    Cloud storage makes your collection available where you are and on what you are using. Enjoy the adventure on the go and save the boss fights for the big screen, your game your choice.  Get an account today and start playing your new favorite games now!  Challenge yourself with games from experienced designers and embrace the unknown from our next generation of designers.   Support designers though feedback, social media, and financially, enables designers to create the next generation of games.   Sign up now to get the latest games and lend your reviews and opinions to our growing community and body of works. Play Build Games Build Tiles “Design and construct your own games” “Express yourself with original art and sound” Build a Game removes the barriers for building games. Take your ideas, large or small, simple or complex and make them happen in Build a Game.   Create custom interactive applications fast and efficiently while reducing costs. Enjoy one click publishing to major platforms and devices for your games and content.  Download Build a Game now and see how fun game development can be! Create and upload your own art, animation and audio from photos and paintings to play-doh and pixels. Turn your creativity into a digital image and you’ll be ready to make custom tiles for your games!  Upload your content today to begin earning money and coins from buyers around the world, 24/7.   It’s time to leave your mark on a tile! Check out   Tile Builder today and set your creativity loose in the Build a Game Universe. Build
Our goal at Build a Game Universe is to provide you with a complete solution for developing, publishing, marketing and playing games made by and for the next generation of gamers.
“Building games one tile at a time”
Unleash your creativity in our innovative editing environment.
Enjoy playing games by the next generation of designers and creators.
Connect your games and tiles with friends and the community.
Earn money for your game and content creations.
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